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Welcome to Leading with Grace: Catching Tech Exceptions, a blog dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology leadership. Here, I, Bruno Costa, leverage my experience in the trenches of the tech industry to explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for leading teams and individuals towards success.

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I’m starting a journey of writing online about my experience. My commitment is to publish authentic content that may be useful to the community.

The content will be mostly based on my personal experience, so, you should maybe take it with a grain of salt 😅. On a more serious note, here's why I think I can contribute to the community:

  • I've led teams and organizations from a couple to hundreds of engineers. 
  • I've worked in companies with 4 engineers and 2000+. I know the challenges of software engineering at a startup and at scale.
  • I've designed software architectures for systems with millions of users.

I have learned a lot during these experiences. I’m hoping some of this learnings may be helpful for you, too!

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